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Pathology is the medical specialty concerned with the study of the nature and causes of diseases. It underpins every aspect of medicine, from diagnostic testing and monitoring of chronic diseases to cutting-edge genetic research and blood transfusion technologies. Dhara Diagnostic has qualified and expert team & with advanced diagnostic devices for pathology tests. Dhara Diagnostics focuses to provide the best diagnostic services through continuous improvement according to medical standards. These efforts have made Dhara Diagnostic the top pathology lab in Udaipur District. Dhara Diagnostics has earned a good reputation for best quality, excellence.

Reasons you need a pathology test today

Identifying likely health risks
Screening for disease
Diagnosing the correct disease
Monitoring a condition or treatment

Common Blood Test

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)- is a common test that’s used to diagnose a wide range of illnesses, infections and diseases. This test gives your doctor information about the numbers and development of cells in your blood (red cells, white cells, and platelets).
  • Liver Function Test - used to screen for, detect, evaluate and monitor acute and chronic liver inflammation,infection, liver disease and/or damage.
  • Lipid Profile Test - The lipid panel measures the amount of specific fat molecules called lipids in the blood. As a panel test, it measures multiple substances, including several types of cholesterol. The lipid panel is used in both children and adults to evaluate risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.
  • Thyroid Function Test - Series of blood tests used to measure how well your thyroid gland is working. Available tests include the Total T3, Total T4 and TSH.
  • Blood Sugar Test - A blood sugar test is a procedure that measures the amount of sugar in your blood. Your doctor may order this test to help diagnose diabetes. People with diabetes can also use this test to manage their condition.
  • Renal Function Test - are a group of tests that may be performed together to evaluate kidney (renal) function. The tests measure levels of various substances, including several minerals, electrolytes, proteins, and glucose (sugar), in the blood to determine the current health of the kidneys.

Our Pathology Services

hematology (2)
Heamatology Test
microscope (1)
Clinical Pathology
Biochemistry Test
Cytology & Pap's Smear
Serology Test


Immunology Test

test (1)
Histopathology (Biopsy)
Report Within 24-48 Hours

We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure. Visit your closest diagnostic service center to avail of our state-of-the-art services in pathology laboratory testing.

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